Help & Support

The church is here to support all within the local community. 

If you are at a time of personal crisis and need our help, then we shall always try to help.  

If you need a priest, please contact Fr Kevin Bell 07764 541364

If you are looking to hold a baptism, wedding or funeral, please contact the Parish Office 020 8241 2345

We are in the process of compiling a list of local and national resources who provide a range of support and will be adding details of these in the near future.

If you are looking for a group to join we have many activities in our Church Hall run by local organisations, community groups and clubs and information about these will be added soon.

Do come along to any of our services to find out more too...!

We Need Your Help Too

 Most of the work of the church is done by volunteers and we often find ourselves quite stretched. 

Although we are a part of the wider Church of England, from a financial point of view we operate as an independent registerred charity and we receie no government funding so need to raise all the necessary funds ourselves to keep everything going.

Our costs are significant as we have to maintain our historic grade 1 listed Church and our Hall and pay our small staff team but we also have to pay dues to the wider church (Kensington Diocese) who employ our vicar, and other Diocesan Staff.

In addition to the above our buildings and grounds are in need of extensive renovation and we have been planning to Redevelop the Hall to improve the existing facilities and create extra meeting space.  This is an ambitious project and financially demanding and we will need to raise in excess of £1 million pounds in order to achieve this.

The most critical need we have is to repair our existing drainage for both surface water and sewerage as these are failing  and cause flooding to the grounds and blocked toilets. In order to active this we will need external funding from donations and grants so anything you can do to support this would be much appreciated.

Five ways you can help us.

    1. Attend our services and functions, or support our fund raising activities
    2. Volunteer some of your time - make friends, gain experience, and help preserve our heritage. 
    3. Make a donation, or join our regular giving scheme,
    4. Become a Friend of All Hallows and help preserve this beautiful church and community for future generations
    5. Remember us in your will