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Corona Virus Update

23rd March 2020

CHURCH CLOSURES UPDATE - Sarah Bishop of London has issued a letter to all her clergy. Last week doors closed for public services. But could be open for private prayers. She has now issued a letter that our doors must be closed full-stop. Her medical background is shining through. Other bishops are following her lead.

SO WHAT - Our doors must close. I will continue daily prayers for you all: 9.am, 6.pm & Compline. Your prayers at this time mean much. The Angelus will continue to toll at traditional times. Together we will deepen our spiritual lives. This is a Lent that none will forget. We move towards the Cross & what lies beyond...

SUNDAY MASS - From now on this will be live-streamed. We will keep our 10.am custom. Just getting my brain round the technology. Holy Week & Easter will happen in the same way. We are all having to adapt as the abnormal becomes the norm. Let us do so with patience & love.

FINALLY - I have checked on our senior & vulnerable members. Only to discover that several of you had beaten me to it. This is very positive & deeply encouraging. Bottom-line in my words: doors closed, hearts open... Bottom-line in the words of St Paul to the Galatians: "Help each other with these heavy loads..."

With my blessing & warm good wishes, Father Kevin

Father Kevin