Weddings and Blessings

Wedding_ringsWeddings and Blessings at All Hallows

This beautiful Wren Church, a City church in suburbia, offers a dramatic setting in which to be married.  The atmospheric Cloister ensures the bridal party has the time and space to take a few deep breaths before processing into Church – and it’s a fantastic place to take photographs!

Occasionally, couples who have been married in another country, or perhaps privately at a Registry Office, decide to have their marriage blessed in Church and this is something that is easy to arrange.  We are also delighted to offer services of blessing to couples celebrating significant anniversaries!

The Vicar is usually prepared to officiate at the re-marriage of divorced people, depending on their circumstances.

Before a wedding there are legal requirements which have to be satisfied, such as the reading of Banns, so please ask the Vicar if you would like to discuss getting married at All Hallows.

There is a charge for weddings and blessings.  Please consult the Church of England website for current statutory charges.  You will also need to allow for the organist’s fee, and optional extras such as the bells/flowers etc.