Confirmation at All Hallows


Confirmation is literally ‘confirmation’ of the Baptismal vows.  These vows were made on our behalf if we were Baptised as a child, so Confirmation is a mature acknowledgement that a person wishes to be a Christian and that those who brought them to Baptism made the right choice.  Those adults who choose to be Baptised are encouraged to be Confirmed fairly soon afterwards.

The Bishop of Kensington visits All Hallows once a year to conduct a Service of Confirmation and there are usually up to twelve candidates of all ages.  Confirmation classes take place weekly for approximately eight weeks before the Service and are arranged at a suitable time to enable all candidates to attend.  This time of preparation provides an excellent opportunity for participants to learn more about the Christian faith in a non-threatening environment, where all the difficult questions can be asked in confidence. Anyone who is seeking to deepen their Christian understanding is invited to join the classes, whether or not they are already Confirmed.  Having completed the classes, there is absolutely no obligation to be Confirmed.


Bishop Graham at All Hallows 2015We welcome The Right Reverend Graham Tomlin, the Bishop of Kensington to All Hallows to take a Service of Confirmation on Wednesday 8th March 2017 @ 8.00pm at All Hallows.

If you would like to consider being confirmed and would like to know more about what it involves, please contact Fr Kevin Bell via the Parish Office:

020 8241 2345
[email protected]