Baptism (Christenings) at All Hallows


BaptismEach year we are delighted to welcome many families with their children, who seek Baptism (‘Christening’) in the Church of England.  There is no correct age to be Baptised, there are no pre-requirements and there’s no charge.  Although the vast majority of our Baptisms are of babies and small children, adults often come to faith and choose to be Baptised (frequently discovering that their parents have forgotten to have them Baptised when they were younger).  Whatever your circumstances, it’s never too late!

The Vicar conducts Baptisms, which take place within the 10 am service or you can book a private service at 11.30am on certain Sunday mornings.

If you would like to find out more, or enquire about arranging a Baptism, please be in touch with the Parish Clerk, Alex Oliver [email protected] 020 8241 2345