Can we Pray for You?

cc prayerHere at All Hallows, we look at prayer as a way of helping people deal with situations they need strength for, or prayer is for a loved one who is sick, or for someone who has died and for those who mourn.

Prayer is also a way of thanking God for something positive in our lives.  A new baby, a marriage, someone close to us healing from an illness.

If you would like to have prayers said for you, or for another, in any way, and you would like a candle lit for you or for another for whatever reason, please contact Alex in the Parish Office [email protected] 02082412345

If you require a visit from the vicar or from a member of our pastoral team, please let Alex know in the Parish Office.  If your pastoral need is urgent you can call the Vicar, Fr Kevin on 02088921322.