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Den Day 2016 (Sunday 19th June 2016)

Photos taken by A Oliver

Den Day 2016 1 Den Day 2016 2 Den Day 2016 3 Den Day 2016 4 Den Day 2016 5 Den Day 2016 6 Den Day 2016 7 Den Day 2016 8 Den Day 2016 9 Den Day 2016 10













Festival Weekend (Friday 10th June – Sunday 12th June)
Photos taken by members of the public


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Pilgrimage to Southwark Cathedral (Saturday 21st May 2016)

DSC04256e DSC04200e DSC04199e DSC04198e DSC04194e DSC04190e DSC04190e

Confirmation (Sunday 17th April 2016)

Bishop Dr.Graham Tomlin (2) DSC_1174a DSC_1177 a DSC_1182 DSC_1189 a DSC_1263

Easter 2016

20160326_125817 copy Chior_0995 copy Easter_133022 The Rev'd Ed Hanson copy The Tomb_1041 copy Good Friday WP_20160327_11_03_17_Pro FB_20160327_08_08_22_Saved_Picture IMG_0192 IMG_0188 IMG_0179 FB_20160324_12_48_10_Saved_Picture FB_20160324_12_48_04_Saved_Picture FB_20160324_12_48_00_Saved_Picture

Folk Mass (Sunday 31st January 2016)

DSC_8860 DSC_8873 DSC_8883 DSC_8886 DSC_8919

SPEAR Burns Night Quiz (Saturday 23rd January 2016)

IMG_2021 IMG_2010 IMG_2009 IMG_2005

Oranges & Lemons Parent and Toddler Group Christmas Party (Thursday 17th December 2015)

WP_20151217_11_49_27_Pro FB_20151218_12_04_42_Saved_Picture

Christingle Service (Saturday 5th December 2015)


Lighten our Darkness (Advent Service) (29th November 2015)

From Darkness to Light_8140 From Darkness to Light_8121 From Darkness to Light_8099

All Hallows Talent Show (28th November 2015)

DSC_7818 copy DSC_8016 DSC_7954 DSC_7835

Christmas Lunch Club 2015 (26th November 2015)

Lunch Club_7787 Lunch Club_7792 Lunch Club_7797

75th Anniversary of the Consecration of All Hallows Church, Twickenham (8th November 2015)

75th Anniversary 7589 75th Anniversary7549 Canon Mark Oakley7599 Canon Mark Oakley 7517

Remembrance Sunday 2015 (8th November 2015)

Remembrance Service_7449 Remembrance Service_7446 Remembrance Service 7454 Remembrance Service 7434 Kneller Hall Bugler remembrance 4









Rugby Service (17th September 2015)

 DSC_6594 DSC_6625 5x3 DSC_6626 5x3 Fr Kevin - interview 1 Rugby service 1 Rugby service 2

All Hallows Music Festival (June 2015)

Sarah & Alex 0638 Promenard Conert 1050 Promenard Concert1046 Promenard Concert1044 Promenard Concert 1041 Joe Harper 0786 Choir & Orchestra 0957 Choir & orchestra 0865 Choir & Orchestra 0841